TrailSpring is about connecting you to the beautiful terrain of the Ozarks, whether you shred singletracks, run religiously or hike the hills with your kids every chance you get. Our passion is building multi-use trails to bring together outdoor enthusiasts of all ages, tailoring these trails to the community, and designing them to be sustainable, safe and fun. We’re focused on building the Ozarks through recreational economic engagement, and you play a major role in our mission whenever you “hit the dirt” with us, volunteer at events or support TrailSpring financially.

We’re proud to say that the engineering experts at Progressive Trail Design design our trails. They’ve built many of the most innovative bike parks in the nation and set high standards for safety and sustainability. Their work is on the cutting edge of trail development.


The trails tell our stories, and each one we’ve created illustrates what TrailSpring is about: working hard to reach goals, pushing past obstacles along the way and celebrating victories as we reach each summit.

We were born in 2012, and as a small 501c3, we’ve committed ourselves to constructing natural-surface trails throughout Southwest Missouri to connect our communities and provide fitness and recreation opportunities for everyone. The benefits of our humble endeavor include improving the health and economic wellness of our residents, establishing Springfield, Missouri as a premier destination for trails and cycling with projects like Two Rivers Bike Park and Dirt 66, and increasing regional tourism with events like our Singletrack Mind Festival and opening celebrations for new trails.

With our growing number of dedicated volunteers, and financial support from federal grants, corporate donations and generous members of the community like you, TrailSpring can continue to take on more multi-use trail projects that benefit our regional economy and enhance the lives of every resident of the Ozarks.


We’ve come a long way and accomplished a lot, but we’re not finished yet. It’s a new day at TrailSpring, with new opportunities for trail-lovers like you to connect with the dirt. We’ve got fresh faces heading up our Board as we transition to becoming a more autonomous not-for-profit, and with your help, we’ll be ready to take on the financial challenges of our future projects.

TrailSpring’s funding of an IMBA Feasibility Study proved that constructing a system of singletrack trails is not only feasible, but vital, to our local economy and community. That study motivated our pilot project and major achievement, Two Rivers Bike Park, which is currently enjoyed by thousands of bicyclists, hikers and runners year-round. Located south of Springfield, it features miles of professionally designed singletrack, well-maintained by dedicated volunteers and trail-lovers. And equally importantly, visitors to Two Rivers support our local economy by patronizing businesses throughout the region.

DIRT 66, another natural surface, multi-use trail system connecting six green zones in north Springfield, is our newest and biggest project to date. Designed for hiking and running, but optimized for mountain biking, Dirt 66 is named after Route 66 and is just as historic; it’ll incorporate greenway and on-road connections to each zone, providing safe passage and alternative transportation for commuting, while connecting 66 miles of trail between many of Springfield’s parks. Work is already underway, and with the financial support of our corporate donors and generous individuals like you, Dirt 66 will soon be an exciting reality.

We’re continuing to tap into the creative vision of our friends at Progressive Trail Design, and we’ve also partnered with Missouri Off-Road Cyclists to collect hand tools our volunteers can use to help us maintain our awesome trails throughout the Ozarks. Have some time to help us sling some dirt? Scroll down to sign up and volunteer!


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