Based in Springfield, MO, TrailSpring is a non-profit focused on creating and funding trail-building projects in the Springfield area. The big benefit? The dirt connects us all.

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Multi-Use Trails

TrailSpring is about connecting all people with the Ozarks terrain. So we’re building multi-use trails that are perfect whether your thing is mountain biking, running, hiking, or walking. What makes these singletracks so sweet? Each one is a natural-surface, human-powered trail.

Professional Design

To design trails that promote maximum safety and fun, we turn to the heavy hitters at Progressive Trail Design. They take trail design seriously, so you can take it to TrailSpring with confidence—knowing our singletracks are built to the latest sustainability and safety standards.

Trail Community

Local communities & the trail community share some key traits: Each is a tight-knit group that’s dedicated to living well. These communities & other enthusiasts connect at TrailSpring, where we hit the dirt, volunteer, coordinate events, and build The Ozarks through economic engagement. Together.

The TrailSpring Story

TrailSpring is a not-for-profit organization with a story that has all the makings of a classic: Inspirational goals. Serious passion. Unwavering commitment. And hard-working characters worth getting invested in—namely, you and your neighbors. It’s also the story of improving the health and economic wellness of the Springfield, MO area while shredding paths to fun and friendships along the way. In short, it’s the story of multi-use, natural-surface trails and the endless benefits TrailSpring’s singletracks are bringing to communities in southwest Missouri.

Together with many dedicated volunteers and economic supporters, TrailSpring is well on our way to establishing Springfield as a premier regional destination for trails and bicycling. Seemingly sculpted with mountain biking and hiking in mind, we’re leveraging the Ozarks terrain to increase tourism, relocation appeal, physical health, and economic prosperity in Springfield and the surrounding areas. By continuing to build new natural-surface singletrack trails, including Two Rivers Bike Park, TrailSpring and our partners will make Springfield an event-ready destination for race, trail, and cultural events.

The TrailSpring Mission

TrailSpring is on a mission to improve the physical health and activity level of people in the Springfield area by creating and maintaining a network of multi-use trails, which will also increase the economic vitality of the region. In the process, we will demonstrate the economic benefit of this trail network and engage the local business community in order to support and perpetuate the trail system. These trails will sustainably enhance the attractiveness of the area as well as the health and well-being of the community, its residents, and its visitors.

30 in 3

TrailSpring’s ambitious yet attainable 30 in 3 plan involves constructing 30 miles of professionally designed and built singletrack within the next 3 years. The entire project will require absolutely no tax increases for area residents. Instead, TrailSpring will gain funding for 30 in 3 through personal and corporate donations and grants. Volunteer efforts from members of the trail community will build the human-powered trails.

Among our progress to date, TrailSpring has secured the services and creative vision of Progressive Trail Design, the renowned trail designers behind many of the most innovative bike parks in the nation. We’ve also partnered with Midwest Off-Road Cyclists (MORC) for a trail tool collection effort that has resulted in hand tools for 20 volunteers. The tools include protective gear, a chainsaw, a pole saw, a blower pack, and trimmers. TrailSpring has also landed more than $4,500 to begin work on the SAC River Pavilion.

The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) Feasibility Study TrailSpring funded and oversaw resulted in clear-cut evidence that constructing our system of singletrack trails is not only feasible; it will prove vital to the local economy. Finally, TrailSpring is thrilled that Two Rivers Bike Park is currently open to all bicyclists, hikers, and runners. Featuring 8.5 miles of singletrack, Two Rivers is already drawing visitors—and the money they spend—to the Springfield area regularly.


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Two Rivers

A purpose-built, multi-use trail system, Two Rivers Bike Park boasts 8.5 miles of near-pristine Ozarks terrain for mountain bikers, runners, and hikers. The nearly 400-acre park sits just off the scenic Finley and James River confluence. Its trails feature mostly natural surfaces and offer the thrills of climbing and drop sections, rock features, built-in curved walls, and other optional stunts.

To ensure Two Rivers is just right for all people, trails vary in difficulty levels and are clearly labeled. Beginners and leisure seekers can hit the 1.5-mile trail, marked Least Difficult. More experienced people can test their mettle on the 5-mile trail, marked Moderate. And serious shredders can tackle the 7-mile trail, marked Most Difficult.

30 in 3

Two Rivers is the first offering in TrailSpring’s 30 in 3 initiative, which will bring 30 miles of professionally designed singletrack to the Springfield area within just 3 years. Like Two Rivers, additional trails built through 30 in 3 will attract visitors from all over the Midwest and beyond, boosting tourism and pumping cash into the regional economy.

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