Pedaling uphill sucks.

You get winded and it burns. Sure, you could walk your bike up, but not only does that take longer, it’s kind of lame to be seen walking next to a bicycle (and it still kind of sucks).

Plus once you’ve reached the top you’re tired, and riding downhill when you’re tired is dangerous. Your mother would be worried sick if she knew you were riding downhill, let alone riding downhill tired. Do you want her sitting at home fretting about you all day? Absolutely not.

Don’t feel bad about skipping all the work and just having the fun. Your mom would want you to buy a shuttle pass. That way you can come home safe and have some of her world famous spaghetti.

Now that we’ve thoroughly justified buying a shuttle pass, skipping the pain and riding in a truck up the hill here’s some details:

– Two Rivers Shuttles run April through October now! Times are from 10:00am to 2:00pm on Saturdays and 12:00pm to 4:00pm on Sundays, weather permitting. Check out our Facebook page for rain cancellations.

– Annual Shuttle Passes cost $100, and can be purchased here OR onsite during Shuttle days.

– Not sure about an annual Shuttle Pass? A $10 on-site donation will let you shuttle for that day. Shuttle stops include both the Slopestyle and Downhill trail drop-ins.

– Check out the link below for the liability waiver, and keep scrolling for some answers to frequently asked questions.


What is a Shuttle Pass?

Well, do you love riding downhill but get a little nauseous when you think about climbing that hill over and over? Problem solved! Purchase a shuttle pass, and we’ll drive you to the top of the hill!

How much is an annual Shuttle Pass?

$100- All proceeds help fund this program, as well as contribute to new trails and costs for Two Rivers Bike Park.

What days can I use my annual shuttle pass?

Every Saturday and Sunday- weather permitting- April through October! We may throw in some additional surprise shuttle days, so keep your eyes on the schedule!

What are the shuttle hours?

Shuttles will run from 10am to 2pm on Saturdays and 12pm to 4pm on Sundays.

What if I don’t want to purchase an annual pass?

If you feel like an annual pass is too much for you, just drop in on any Saturday or Sunday for a $10 donation! That donation will get you free shuttle rides for that day only.

What if it rains?

We love our trails, and we want to keep them looking good and riding smooth. We will do our best to give notice of rain day cancellations! If it rains, no shuttles.

How frequently does the shuttle run?

Roughly every 15 minutes depending on the amount of riders that day.

Can other people use my shuttle pass?

The intended purpose of this program is to not only let you enjoy not pedaling uphill, but to help fund the trails at Two Rivers and park operational costs. With that being said, each shuttle pass is good for ONE person.

Should I feel bad about skipping the climbing?

No. No one likes to climb. If someone you know says they do report them here:

Is the pass refundable?

Sorry, no refunds for shuttle passes. Consider it a donation to Two Rivers Bike Park.

How can I become a shuttle driver?

Just ask! Any of our lovely TrailSpring volunteers will point you in the right direction! Or you can add yourself to our volunteer list by clicking the volunteer tab on our homepage! This volunteer list is used to seek out help for events like the shuttle program, Singletrack Mind Festival and other awesome TrailSpring events.

Is there an age limit for a shuttle pass?

Mini shredders, kids 12 and under, need a parent present for the duration of their shuttle experience. This will include a signed waiver. 13 to 17 can rip the trails solo, with a signed waiver.

Is the shuttle approved by NASA?

Due to recent government cutbacks we were unable to consult the laureate men of science at NASA when designing and sourcing our new shuttle vehicle. However, you can rest assured knowing we went with the next best thing and exchanged some blueprints in a parking lot with an intern.

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