Where is Two Rivers Bike Park located?

5055 Two Rivers Road, Highlandville, MO 65669.

If you use your phone to navigate here please keep in mind that reception is bad several miles before the event and you may lose your map, try taking a screen shot or using a good ole pen.  Reception and wifi is available at the event.

Can I register on-site?

Yes, we will offer onsite registration. Registration price increase is August 1st. Pre-register to save the most cash!

What should I bring with me?

Bring your own seating and camping gear. There will be plenty of room in the grass and along the trails for seating, lounging and spectating.  Also, if you are racing, bring your bike or running gear, helmets, water and other necessary items.  We will have a hydration station available.  A variety of meals, snacks, and smoothies will also be for sale at the event. *Helmets are required at all times if you are on a bike.  Water is available on-site.  There will be several food trucks, beverages, and racer meals available throughout the weekend.

Are there any non-race events?

Yes, this is not a race focused event.  It is a trail community-building event.  We will have a vendor expo with lots of outdoor gear and products, live music, as well as group rides, discovery rides and skills clinics, yoga, disc golf, a beach with river access, SUP rentals, a ZIP-LINE, a BMX stunt show, a big screen movie premier and more. (See Clinics/Group Rides and Festival Activities for more information).

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

If you are camping, you can bring a cooler with food and drinks to stay in your camping area. We ask that you do not bring food or coolers, including alcohol, onto the festival grounds (this is a controlled area around the stage and start area). You can bring bottles for water and sports drinks during races and rides, but we ask that you do not bring any glass bottles onto the festival grounds.

We will have 3 food vendors! FireLight Pizza, Ben’s Brats and The PRess Coffee and Juice Bar!

Is this a rain or shine event?

In the event of rain, we will re-evaluate the trails and determine if the rides are possible. Festival is rain or shine.  The trails at Two Rivers drain really well so we will likely modify the race before canceling any particular event.

Where can I sign up to volunteer or donate?

Please sign up to volunteer or donate at
DONATE HERE – select TrailSpring from the drop down menu
If you want to help volunteer for trail maintenance and construction, visit or find MORC on Facebook and join the Dirt Crew.  Earn Your Dirt!

What happens if I forgot my helmet or gear?

Gear will be available from the bike shops in the vendor expo.  If you are caught riding trail without a helmet you will be banned from the park.  No exceptions.
Trail People are friendly.  There will be enough folks around to get you covered.  Just don’t show up 5 minutes before the race like Jason Bettis always does.


What does my GENERAL Admission ticket include?

A general admission ticket includes your entry for the day, parking for the day, free rides and clinics offered during festival hours, live music and access to our vendor expo area, food trucks, demo’s, full access to the trails, skills track, and new pump track, and spectating.

What if I am bringing my family?

Select the general admission for each member. Kids 12 and under are FREE

What does my RACE Admission include?

Race admission includes all General Admission items, entry to the race, and 1 raffle if you PRE-Register. If you register onsite, your race admission does not include raffle tickets.

What if I am racing and I want to bring my family?

Select YOUR RACE admission (includes all of the above for yourself), then select general admission for your family members. This will include entry, parking for the day, free rides and clinics offered during festival hours, live music, and access to our vendor expo.

Where do the proceeds for this festival go?

TrailSpring – – TrailSpring builds awesome stuff, like Two Rivers, where the event is held.  Funds from this event will go to constructing Phase II and maintaining the park.  TrailSpring has some awesome new projects in the works in the Springfield area.


How much is on-site camping?

Tent camping is free!  Limited premium camping will be available at a small charge.  We have premitive showers this year!  Or you can always go jump in the river like a true dirt worshipping mystic.

What does a campsite consist of?

Primitive camping (or FREE tent camping as we call it), will be along the south and west tree lines in the parking field.  There will be additional primitive camping available if necessary.  In these areas, your car will remain parked in the field, although you could park in designated areas close to the primitive camping areas. Portable bathrooms will be placed in the primitive camping areas. No open fires. Limit of 2 tents per site. There will be some authorized fire pits with a premium camping upgrade.

Premium camping will include a fire pit and firewood on us! Limit of 2 tents per site. The fee for Premium camping will be $15.

Trailer/CAR Camping will consist of car camping and small trailers or pop up campers. These will be allowed in a specific designated area AND on a limited basis. Limit of one vehicle, pop up or trailer per site. The fee for Trailer/CAR camping will be $15.

What time is ``quiet hour``?

11pm. Bands end by 11pm. Please no car stereos or loud activity past this time.  Noise carries through the valley somethin’ fierce.  We encourage all partying beyond this hour to be done in excited hush tones.

Can I set up and tear down camp at any time?

Yes. Although you will give up your spot. Camp spots are first come first served.  We will try to direct folks to more family areas and more, uh, areas where guys like PJ might want to camp.

What about hotel options in the area?

We have a block of rooms reserved for STM at The Hilton Garden Inn at 4155 S. Nature Center Way Springfield, MO 6580. Rate: $94+tax per night! Discounted rate only applies if you book BEFORE August 3rd 2016. Mention Singletrack Mind to receive your discount!

For reservations, call: 417.875.8800 or follow the link below:

Hilton Garden Inn

What about other campgrounds?

Here are some options for those “glampers’ out there!


Other Areas

About those showers....?

Keep in mind, these are primative, outdoor, gravity fed showers!


What is an Enduro Race?

Saturday Enduro Sponsored by Red BullTM – The first of its kind in the area! Your time from 4 or 5 (TBD) segments constitutes your overall time. Fastest time wins. But wait, there’s more.  No shuttles or lifts here, hence the “endur-” part of the word.  In between each stage there will be a liaison stage, climbing to the next start gate.
Awards for fastest climbs, fastest downhill, and overall best times.  Racers of all kinds will enjoy this format and push for what they are best at. Racers will have an opportunity to rest after each climb and each segment, but not long. Bring your lungs and tune that suspension.  Pick your rubber wisely.
Pads and protection highly recommended. Helmets are always mandatory at Two Rivers.  You never know what you’re going to be riding.

What are the Enduro Race categories?

PRO/Expert- This is an OPEN category is for PRO riders and VERY experienced mountain bike and Enduro racers. Riders will be eligible for cash awards but no in-kind product.

Amateur- This category is for experienced mountain bikers with limited to no Enduro racing experience. Riders will be awarded in-kind product prizes.

Juniors – This category is for those shredders who are under 18 years of age and are experienced mountain bikers. Riders will be awarded in-kind product prizes.

Masters – This category is for 50+ years old, HIGHLY competitive, but not professional level riders. Riders will be awarded in-kind product prizes.

How long are the Trail Run Races?

There will be a 1 mile family fun run, a 5k and a 15k trail run. Exact distances will be announced before the event based on final routing and conditions of the trails.

Pre-race meetings are 15 minutes before race start! Since this race starts early, be sure to pre-register to avoid last minute lines at the gate!

What is a XC Race?

The XC Race is our “Cross Country” Mountain biking race. There will be several categories ranging from 1 laps to 4 laps. Pick your category based on your fitness level and how many miles you’d like to ride.

What are the XC Race categories?

CAT 1- 30 miles. Age groups: Juniors Under 14, Juniors 15-18, 19-29, 30-39, 40-49 and 50+

CAT 2- 20 miles. Age groups: Juniors Under 14, Juniors 15-18, 19-29, 30-39, 40-49 and 50+

CAT 3- 10 miles. Age groups: Juniors Under 14, Juniors 15-18, 19-29, 30-39, 40-49 and 50+

Marathon- As many laps as you can ride over 3 hours! Categories: Men and Women Open.

Singlespeed- 20 miles (same as CAT 2). Categories: Men and Women Open

Kids- 1 mile fun race for young shredders.

What is the Slopestyle Event?

This event will consist of three judged components:  A ‘best trick’ into the air bag, and a ‘whip off’ on a dirt table, and a style and intensity score along the new jump line. Your score will be the best of two runs for each. The best combined overall score wins. Jeff Anderson will be lining up the judges and organizing this event. Pre-Ride for these events will be Friday Sept. 2nd.

Are there prizes for the races?

Yes, each race director has their own set of prizes. For most events, prizes will go 3 places deep.

Can my dog race with me?

We have decided that for the family fun run, we will allow dogs on leashes, but no other races will permit dogs on the course.  Leashes are required on all dogs.  Yes, that means your beautiful little mutt too.  Yes, no, not him, you.  Ya you.  Your dog.  Needs to be on a leash.  Bring poo bags.  You know the routine.  Don’t think we didn’t see you think twice about not picking that poo up…

Will there be aid stations for the races?

There will be a staging area for your water and pre-mixed supplies for each race at the start area.  There will be aid stations on course where necessary and depending on temps.  You can plan on never going more than 3-4 miles without at least a water refill.  We will be providing limited goods for race nutrition and hydration.

What about pre-race meetings?

Each race will have a pre-race safety and course information meeting 15 minutes prior to the race start time. This will be held at the START/FINISH line. Be ready for your race at the pre-race meeting!


What will there be for my children to do?

We will have a “Kids Zone” specifically for children. There will be crafts, obstacle races, and other fun events. Make sure you bring bikes for the kids, we will have some for barrow, but they are first come first serve.  There will be kid friendly (supervised) rides and skills clinics. We have extended our Kid’s Zone hours by popular demand! Saturday 10-4pm and Sunday 10-2pm.

Clinics / Group Rides

What clinics are going to be held during the festival?

At Singletrack Mind, we will offer Mountain Bike Skills Clinics. We will have an IMBA Certified Instructor there to teach you skills that are useful on the trail. Including but not limited to; bike/body separation, balance, turning, and other concepts. For more information about IMBAs ICP Program, see

Will there be group rides?

There will be group rides led by MORC – (Midwest Offroad Cyclists) members throughout the festival. Currently we have rides scheduled for beginners, intermediate riders, women and kids. Check for group ride schedules., or visit the MORC tent on site at the festival!

Will the trail be open during the races?

Segments of trail may be closed or direction during the race times.  We will do our best to keep trails open for all users as much as possible.  More info on this at the event.

Other Cool Festival Acivities


Sunrise Yoga– Saturday @ 6:30 am and Sunday @ 7: 15 am. The best way to hit these early morning sessions is to camp with us! Meeting point will be the grassy area in front of the stage. Location may be assessed and moved prior to start time. Please bring your own mat!

Meditation– Saturday @ 8:30 am. More details to come.

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga– Saturday @ 12 pm. If you have a paddle board, bring it. Demos will be available at the Dynamic Earth booth. More details to come!

Real Encounter Stunt Show

Real Encounter will be performing a bicycle and BMX stunt show! Show starts at 6pm on Friday night! Check out their website for more information!

Vendor Expo

The vendor expo will feature outdoor retailers, supporters and businesses from both Springfield and Nixa, as well as several National brands and representatives!

Hours: Saturday 10-4pm and Sunday 10-2pm.